Membership Termination

Membership contract cannot be terminated early before the membership expires, except for:
– Overseas Relocation
– Permanent Medical Disability

In either of the above situation, please email to with supporting documents with one month’s advance notice:
– Overseas Relocation (Overseas educational institution’s acceptance letter / Employment Letter / Workpass Termination)
– Permanent Medical Disability (Certified doctor’s letter indicating permanent medical disability)

Member is liable for $100 Termination Fee, current membership charges, and 1 month’s notice (membership fees for next month).

Once processed, Member will be notified on the cancellation via email, with steps taken on credit card deletion from system.

Termination for any other reasons is not allowed. If Member is facing some difficulties or in an unfortunate situation, please approach our counter staff for a discussion (Pasir Ris 8382 8931 / Toa Payoh 8382 8792).