Business Policy

Membership Fees Payment

  • We practice transparent pricing:
  • We accept payment via credit card or PayNow only. There is no additional processing fee.
  • We provide electronic receipts for every transaction. Member may view transaction history via Snap App / Glofox App.
  • We provide current month billing (payment is pro-rated) and invoice on 1st of each month for the month’s subscription fees.
  • All our prices listed are GST-inclusive.
  • We do not impose any other fees other than what are listed here:
  • Access Card Fee @$80 (one-time, during initial joining)
  • Access Card Replacement Fee @$50/replacement
  • Suspension Fee @$30/request
    (subject to maximum period of 3 months within Contract Term)
  • Late Payment Fee @$15 for payment default (5 days from planned Payment Date)
  • Card Abuse Fee @$100 for each incident
  • Repair/Replacement Fee for any damage caused by Member
  • Termination Fee of 1 Month’s Membership Fee/$100 whichever is greater
    (medical condition/relocation overseas for period greater than Contract Term)
  • Termination Fee for any other reasons @$100 + balance months’ membership fees
  • Member may email to if Member suspect wrong charging.
  • Company will take up to 5 working days to respond to Member, and to make restitution

Membership Fee Refund
We will provide membership fee refund (pro-rated) in the following scenarios:
a. Club is not accessible due to renovation, temporary closure due to Acts of God (e.g. fire, flood) or as mandated by Government of Singapore

b. Termination of Membership Agreement within cooling off period of 5 days from the start of membership term contract (excludes Trial)
(Calculation of refunds is based on: (Number of Unutilized Days / Number of Days in Month) x Monthly Membership Fee)

Refunds will be made within 5 working days from date of request in the following form:

  • Refund to Credit Card if monthly fees are charged to credit card or
  • Refund via PayNow if monthly fees are paid to Club via PayNow

Access card fees and joining fees will not be refunded.

Suspension of Membership Contract
Membership contract may be suspended in the following scenarios:
a. Request by Member
Charge of $30/request will be levied. Total duration of suspension should not exceed total of 3 months within the contractual period.

b. Due to Member’s Injury/Medical Condition
Member is to email to with supporting documents. Company will review the case and decide on suspension fee.

c. By Club/Government of Singapore
Club may not be available due to renovation, building’s restrictions or operate due to prevailing legislation. In this instance, the suspension fee and membership fees will not be charged during the period that the Club is inaccessible.

Termination of Membership Contract

Membership contract may be terminated in the following scenarios:
a. Request by Member
If termination is due to relocation overseas or suffers permanent injury/medical condition, for a period that is longer than the contract period, Member is to furnish supporting documents to application is successful, Company will charge 1 month’s membership fees in addition to what has been charged, or $100, whichever is greater.

b. Request by Company
Membership may be terminated if Member contravene Club’s Rules and Regulations, or break any laws within the premises of the Club. In this instance, Member will remain liable for membership fees for remaining period of the term contract.

Promotion Terms and Conditions
From time to time, we may conduct promotions for new/renewal memberships. We will list the Terms & Conditions and redemption mechanics at

Protection of Data
Our Privacy Policy can be found at

Member’s Feedback
All feedback are managed by Company’s Management team, that is separate from the operating team. This ensures that all feedback, issues and incidents are managed fairly and without any bias. Member may send feedback via email to For any incident regarding personnel, Company may contact Member for clarifications.

If issue is not addressed and resolved within 21 days, Company/Member may approach Case Mediation Centre or any other regulatory body for resolution.

All feedback will be acknowledged and responded to within 5 working days, depending on the complexity of the incident and reasonable time to resolve.