Presale Registration Payment

Registration is subjected to the Membership Contract’s Terms and Conditions ( Below are specific terms pertaining to Presales Launch and highlights of Membership Contract (please refer to the complete terms and conditions at

Launch Date
– Launch Date is subjected to the opening of Pasir Ris Mall and the completion of renovation for Snap Fitness Pasir Ris Central. Launch date will be updated based on the progress and approval from relevant authorities. Updates will be posted on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Pre-Launch Membership Signup Deposit
– Early bird concessionary rates are strictly for East residents only.
– Concessionary rates are revised from time to time, based on first come first serve basis.
– A non-refundable deposit will be collected to secure early bird concessionary rates.
– If applicant is found to have provided inaccurate or false information, the registration may be voided and deposit will not be refunded.
– $168 non-refundable deposit will be collected for each member registration. This comprise of $88 (first month’s membership fees) and $80 Access Card Key Fee. The $88 first month’s fees will be held in Member’s Virtual Account and used for membership payment. If launch date does not fall on the 1st of the month, billing is pro-rated, and this pro-rated amount will be offset from the initial $88 collected. Payment of the launch’s second month will offset the remaining amount in Member’s Virtual Account and any outstanding amount is automatically charged to credit card.
– Payment is via credit/debit card.
– If Member decides not to proceed before the Club opens, the collection of deposit ($168) will not be refunded. Termination of membership contract on/after launch may be processed for overseas relocation or medical (permanent disability) reasons and a $100 Termination Fee applies.

Membership’s Monthly Deduction
– This will be effected once the Club is opened.
– Deduction of Membership Fee is scheduled 1st of every month. Member is to ensure that debit/credit balance is sufficient for deduction. Late payment fees of $15 will be levied if payment is not made.
– Payment of monthly fees is independent of Member’s visit to/usage of the Club. Member is to pay the monthly membership fees on 1st of each month.

Welcome Pack
– Contents in the Welcome Pack may vary depending on stock availability.
– Items are prepacked and Member is not allowed to exchange for any preferred color.
– Items do not carry any warranty.
– Item issued is not liable for replacement/repair for any defects/issues. Member is to report any defect/issue during collection day for 1-1 replacement.

Membership Terms and Contract
– The actual contract will only be available when membership is created (upon confirmation of Opening Date).
– Member has to e-sign the Club Membership Terms and Conditions, and Club Liability Waiver, before using the Club.
– Sample of the membership contract is available here:

Membership Pause
– For a 12/18-month term contract, Member may pause in blocks of 1/2/3 months.
– Each pause is charged at $30 per pause.
– Member may pause of maximum of 3 months accumulated within the Term Contract.

Membership Termination
– Member may only terminate for reasons being overseas relocation/permanent disability. Member has to pay a Termination Fee of $100 and any outstanding membership charges up to the date of overseas relocation/certification of permanent disability. The membership contract plan is discounted off the regular rack rate of $138/month.

Membership Club Transfer
– Member is free to visit any Snap Fitness club. However, if member visit other clubs more than Home Club, member will be automatically transferred to the new club as the Home Club. In this instance, the member will lose any privileges or benefits due to the Member. The new Home Club has the right to determine the new membership rate. Each Club is managed by different franchisee and may offer services which are unique to that club only.

Club Rules
– Member has to abide by Club’s rules. This applies even if Member visits other clubs. Each Club may have specific house rules for visitors.
– Sample of Snap Fitness Pasir Ris/Toa Payoh Club Rules is available here:

Personal Data
– Information such as address, emergency contact are necessary for regulatory/emergency contact reasons.
– Our privacy policy:

By signing up with Snap Fitness Pasir Ris Central, you agree to the Membership Contract’s Terms and Conditions, and the Presales’ Terms and Conditions.

By completing and submitting the form,
1. you agree to the Membership Contract’s Terms and Conditions and the Presales’ Terms and Conditions.
2. $168 will be charged to your credit card (non-refundable).

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