Pause Membership (Suspend)

Pause can take place on any day of the month. Even if you have paid the current month’s membership fees on the 1st, unused portion will be carried forward to the day pause ends and access to gym resumes. 

For e.g. Member A paid membership fees on 1st June. On 15 June, pause is effected for 1 month. 
– On 1 July, Member is not charged. Member can resume gym 16 July till 30 July without further payment. 
– On 1 August, Member is charged August’s membership fees.

– Applicable for 12/18month term contract only.
– Pause Fee is at $30/request.
– Pause (suspend) membership in blocks of 1/2/3 months.
– Pause up to accumulated 3 months within a contract period.
– Contract expiry will be amended accordingly.
– Membership invoice is generated on 1st of each month.
– Submission at least 3 working days for pause to be effected.
– Supporting documents are not required.
– Member will receive an official email on Pause from once it has been processed.

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