Othello Card Payment

While Snap Fitness payment system is universal and works with most bank cards, there might be certain bank cards which are incompatible with Snap Fitness system.

Counter Staff may direct Member to register the payment here, and subsequent recurring payment will be processed by Othello Payment System (powered by Stripe). Your membership in Snap Fitness system is not affected.

By using this payment system, you agree to provide your card details to Stripe for payment (https://stripe.com). Stripe is an universal payment system used locally and globally by major payment platforms, shopping platforms and online merchants.

Othello, franchisee of Snap Fitness brand, adopts a strict privacy policy: www.othello.com.sg/privacy and does not share your data with third parties, nor charge any payments to your designated card without prior notice, except for the recurring membership fees.

For recurring membership fees, you will be charged on 25th of each month, for the following month’s membership fees. This is to allow sufficient time for our Finance Department to ensure payment is in, before making adjustment to your membership’s payment balance (Snap Fitness system is generated on every 1st of the month).

Member is to ensure sufficient bank balance on 25th of each month for deduction. Late Payment Fee of $15 will be charged for any failed deduction.

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